How the Delicacies of Various South Indian States Differ from Each Other?

If you are an Indian staying abroad, you must be craving from time to time for home-made delicacies. If you do not have time to prepare them on your own, you must visit an Indian restaurant in Malvern. Such restaurants offer a wide variety of dishes, ranging from popular Indian street food to delights of […]


Treat Yourself to Finger-licking Food at Indian Restaurants

Indians are predominantly food lovers. They love to cook; offer treat and undoubtedly love to eat, as well. Food chains and food business have grown into a lucrative one over the years. The fact is that Indians have travelled and settled across the globe. They have won the hearts of the people in those nations […]


Some Delightful Indian Vegetarian Dishes

Indian cuisine showcases some of the most amazing, innovative and tasty vegetarian fare. The authentic Indian spices and herbs take these dishes to a whole new level. Indian vegetarian dishes would be tantalizing your taste buds like never before. You need to come to a reputed Indian restaurant Bentleigh, to discover the joys of some […]


Lip-Smacking Chaats of India: A Delightful Treat for Your Taste Buds

Chaats are the most popular among all other street foods in India. Indians have a fascination for tangy, hot and spicy food. Chaats are so popular that you could find a broad spectrum of chaats even in Indian restaurants in Australia, the UK, and the USA. Any good Indian restaurant in Malvern would also be […]


Some Favourite Street Foods of India that Are Also Popular Abroad

Nothing could ever match the amazing street foods of India in terms of variety and taste. Every Indian metropolitan city is known for its special fast food items or snacks. These are mostly available in the streets or public areas such as markets, fairs usually, sold by vendors or hawkers in portable stalls. However, Indian […]


Reasons Why Indian Cuisine Is So Delicious

Indian dishes are packed with interesting ingredients and enticing aromas that make it super delicious. Indian cuisine is held in high esteem and has won a lot of accolades across the globe thanks to its wide variety, super-delicious taste that would leave your taste buds tantalised and its mind-blowing aromas. The authentic mix of spices […]