How the Delicacies of Various South Indian States Differ from Each Other?

If you are an Indian staying abroad, you must be craving from time to time for home-made delicacies. If you do not have time to prepare them on your own, you must visit an Indian restaurant in Malvern. Such restaurants offer a wide variety of dishes, ranging from popular Indian street food to delights of particular North Indian and South Indian states.

In this blog, I am going to discuss the special characteristics of the food from different South Indian states.

Andhra Pradesh

The delicacies of Andhra Pradesh are the spiciest of all South Indian dishes. Though the cuisine of Hyderabad has similarities to that of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, it also has a flavour of its own. Guntur chilli is the special chilli, which is generously used in Hyderabadi dishes. Other ingredients commonly used are jaggery, fenugreek paste and shallot. Some of the mouth-watering dishes of Andhra Pradesh are Nawaabi kebabs, Hyderabadi biryani, keema, chicken curry and haleem.

The coastal areas of the state also prepare much seafood in the form of curries that are consumed with rice. If you want to try the non vegetarian menu of Andhra Pradesh, you must go for Chepalapulusu, which is a fish curry and Gongura maas, which is a curry of lamb meat, cooked with gongura leaves.


The speciality of the dishes of Kerala is the combination of their simplicity and zesty flavours. Various spices like cinnamon, cumin, cardamom and cloves are added in the dishes of this state to make them unique. Unlike its neighbouring states, the dishes of Kerala are mostly non-vegetarian. So, if you are interested in trying delicacies of Kerala at an Indian restaurant in Malvern, you can have preparations of mutton, chicken, beef, pork and so on. If you have a weakness for seafood, you must try dishes of tiger prawns, king prawns, tiny prawns, crab, mussels, tuna, lobsters and mackerel. Other choicest foods from Kerala that can fascinate you are Puttu and Kadala curry, Kerala beef fry, appams with stew, pomfret moilee and Kerala fish curry.

Tamil Nadu

Though the dishes of Tamil Nadu are less spicy, light and majorly vegetarian, they are highly appealing to the senses. The only exception is food from Chettinad, which is very spicy and contain a lot of pepper, along with cumin, fenugreek, fennel, tamarind, turmeric, bay leaves and so on.

Some of the ingredients generally used for making the dishes of Tamil Nadu are grains, fermented rice, vegetables and meats. As the state has a long coastline, its specialities also include dishes of lobsters, prawns, crabs and fish.


If you try dishes from Telangana, you will come across a lot of millet, seasonal green vegetables, lentils, ginger and cumin. Tamarind rice, pulihora, nalli massam and egg pulusu are some of the sumptuous dishes from Telangana.

You must visit an Indian restaurant in Malvern, if you want to experience the exclusivity of different dishes from various South Indian states. So, go to such a restaurant soon and enjoy the unique flavours of South India.

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