Delicious Desserts that Would Steal Your Heart

Dessert makes the world go round. No meal could be fulfilling unless it ends with a super-delicious dessert. It is like a warm and cosy blanket on a wintry night. It is more like an icing on your cake or maybe the much-awaited climax to an amazing film. So can anyone do without a dessert? No, especially not Indians, who are known to have a real penchant for desserts. Most mouth-watering Indian desserts are made with milk, cottage cheese, milk solids and sugar. Here are some of the most popular and loved desserts that add a whole new dimension to the Indian cuisine. You could relish most of these desserts in any good Indian restaurant Bentleigh.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is a classical Indian dessert made with khoya or mawa or milk solids. These are super yummy golden fried balls that are dipped in rose or saffron flavoured hot sugar syrup. These are truly delightful treats usually served on all special occasions especially festivals. This is a hot favourite Indian dessert and no celebration is complete without gulab jamuns. These are usually spongy and super-soft and melt in your mouth.


Rasgullas are soft spongy and melt in your mouth cheese balls cooked in hot cardamom flavoured sugar syrup. Rasgulla is a traditional Bengali sweet that is loved and enjoyed all over the country and no celebration is complete without rasgullas.


Rasmalai is another traditional and hot favourite dessert of India. These are spongy, super-soft cottage cheese balls cooked in piping hot thickened and creamy saffron flavoured milk. This is a truly delightful dessert that would surely fulfil your cravings for sweets. Rasmalai is one of the most popular Indian dessert that is served chilled topped with saffron strands and finely sliced dry fruits such as cashew nuts and pistachios, on special occasions and celebrations such as weddings, birthday parties and during all festivals. You could find this delicious dessert in any reputed restaurant Bentleigh.

Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa is regarded as the epitome of Indian desserts. It is a finger licking dessert from Punjab that is made with grated carrots and milk. The grated carrot is cooked in full cream milk and condensed milk or khoya to give the dish a rich texture and exotic taste. The generous doses of ghee and also, the powdered cardamom give the dessert an unmatched aroma. This is a dessert that could make all your celebrations and simple family get-togethers really special. This dessert is usually served piping hot with chopped cashew nut & almonds and raisins.

Shahi Rabri

This is a delicious dessert from North India but is relished by one and all. Rabri is nothing but lightly sugared thick reduced milk served with kesar or saffron and pistachios. You could enjoy it as it is or serve it with hot pancakes, hot gulab jamuns, waffles, jalebi or malpuas.  This is a creamy rich and aromatic dessert thanks to the saffron and cardamom. There is an abundant use of pistachios and almonds that take this dessert to another level.


This is a popular Indian frozen dessert which is sinfully rich, creamy, and dense. You could get various innovative versions to the traditional Indian dessert today, in all Indian restaurants across the world including in any good Indian restaurant Bentleigh. The slight twists to the original version of Kulfi have added a whole new dimension to this quintessential Indian dessert making it even more popular and yummy. Most children enjoy the mango kulfi. Fresh mangoes are used for a real burst of flavours. Now you could enjoy Pista Kulfi, Almond Malai Kulfi or even Cranberry or Fresh Alphonso Kulfi.

Indian desserts are the best thing that could happen to anyone!

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