Lip-Smacking Chaats of India: A Delightful Treat for Your Taste Buds

Chaats are the most popular among all other street foods in India. Indians have a fascination for tangy, hot and spicy food. Chaats are so popular that you could find a broad spectrum of chaats even in Indian restaurants in Australia, the UK, and the USA. Any good Indian restaurant in Malvern would also be offering a number of chaats in different versions actually with slight variations in the ingredients and spices.

Chaat gets its name from the term chatpata that means sweet, salty and tangy. Chaats are really delicious and everyone relishes the different kinds of mouth-watering chaats. It is a hot favourite savoury item, as far as, Indian are concerned. Here are some of the lip-smacking Chaats that are available not only in India but also abroad.

Raj Kachori

Raj kachori is a chaat bowl full of enticing flavours. It is a crispy bowl made from refined flour and deep fried until golden and crispy and then filled with soft pakodis, cocktail dahi vadas, chickpeas, sprouts, aloo bhujian, namkeen and other tasty condiments. These are drizzled with thick and smooth beaten yogurt. Tangy and sweet chutneys like tamarind chutney, green coriander or mint chutneys are added to enhance the taste. It is known for its truly refreshing and unique flavours and really makes for a delightful culinary experience. It is usually served as an appetizer or snacks. Raj kachoris are known for their beautiful presentations. They look yummy and alluring thanks to the vibrant and colourful ingredients used.

Pani Puri

Pani Puri is also referred to as Puchkas or Gol Gappa. Whatever way you call it; this is the most popular Indian street food that requires absolutely no introduction. These are crispy semolina puris that are stuffed with boiled potatoes, chickpeas, coriander chutney, and green chillies. It is then filled with hot and sour mint-flavoured tamarind water. This is simply mind-blowing and is available in different parts of India with slight variations everywhere. This makes for an amazing and truly refreshing snack on a hot & humid summer afternoon.

Samosa Chaat

The crispy hot samosas are broken into small pieces. Then a thickened and smoothly beaten yogurt is drizzled on the pieces liberally. Finger-licking chutneys like the tangy and sweet tamarind chutney and the green chutneys are added to take this chaat to another level. Authentic Indian spices and sev are added to give the samosa chaat a real boost in look and taste. You would love it and find it even in a renowned Indian restaurant in Malvern.

Aloo Tikki Chaat

This is a truly taste bud tingling snack and is a hot favourite with both adults and young. A cutlet or tikki is made from boiled and mashed potatoes with thinly sliced green chillies and finely chopped fresh coriander. These cutlets are then garnished with curd, tamarind chutneys, mint and coriander chutney and chaat masala and roasted and powdered jeera are sprinkled to add a dash of flavours.

Try out your favourite chaat in one of the reliable Indian restaurants in Malvern for a wonderful gastronomic experience.

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