Some Favourite Street Foods of India that Are Also Popular Abroad

Nothing could ever match the amazing street foods of India in terms of variety and taste. Every Indian metropolitan city is known for its special fast food items or snacks. These are mostly available in the streets or public areas such as markets, fairs usually, sold by vendors or hawkers in portable stalls. However, Indian street foods are in great demand across the world and are now available in many Indian restaurants in India and abroad. These items are hugely popular because they are incredibly tasty and equally cheap.

Nowadays people are becoming more and more conscious about their health and so they are concerned about the freshness and cleanliness associated with street foods. As such many restaurants including any reputed Indian restaurant Bentleigh have incorporated many of these lip-smacking snacks on their extensive menu. You could now enjoy your favourite street food without feeling guilty for indulging in unhygienic food or scared of falling sick. Some of the top Indian street foods that have become a rage worldwide are discussed below.

Pao Bhaji

This is a specialty dish that originated in Mumbai. This comprises of soft fluffy buns or paos and mashed boiled mixed vegetables including potatoes, cauliflower, green peas, tomatoes, and capsicum etc. This dish has its distinctive flavours thanks to the butter and a variety of desi spices. The paos are slightly toasted with butter on a frying pan. The dish is served with finely chopped onions and a wedge of lemon. To add a twist to the classical taste of the dish, often paneer or cottage cheese and cheese are added. Pao Bhaji is a popular street food that is today available in any well-known Indian restaurant Bentleigh.

Vada Pao

This could be referred to as the Indian version of the hot-favourite burger. This is yet another item straight from the streets of Mumbai. This is a much loved and in demand food of India. It is certainly the ultimate staple consisting of a potato dumpling known as vada which is served on the soft and fluffy bun with finger-licking green and red chutneys and also, nicely fried green chillies.

Ragda Patties

This is a delightful combination of soft spicy chickpeas or ragda and patties. Mashed potatoes are made into fat patties and thereafter, shallow-fried mostly. The best way of consuming this divine delight is by crushing the ragda along with the patties. Add the finely chopped onions, fiery mint coriander green chutney, and tangy tamarind chutney. Mix and mash and enjoy the authentic flavours.


This is a savoury food item that is best enjoyed when piping hot straight out of the frying pan. This crispy delight is the ideal snack for a wet rainy day with a cup of piping hot masala tea. The crispy covering and the spicy potato and peas filling are absolutely delectable. This is a triangular-shaped snack that is deep fried till crisp and golden. There are many versions of samosas today. You could try out the tasty meat samosas or typical Bengali samosas with cauliflower and peas filling.

Pani Puri

Pani Puri is the hot favourite street food that is loved by one and all across the globe. The crispy deep-fried hollow balls made from refined white flour and rice powder are filled with spicy mashed boiled potatoes and chickpeas and sweet and tangy tamarind water. Pani Puri is a popular snack and in great demand all across South Asia. You must give it a try today!

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