Taste Indian Food and Relish the Charm of India

The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, the same can be said about a woman. If you want to impress your lady love, you must take her to an Indian restaurant in Bentleigh, Melbourne. Treat her to a luscious dinner and ensure a promising love life ahead.

Restaurants in Melbourne offering Indian food are pretty popular among both Indians and Australians. Even though the cuisine is known to present spicy dishes, the diners in the country customize the taste to suit the preferences of the people living in the nation. However, if you are an Indian who loves spicy food then you should not worry. These diners make sure that people, with varying taste buds, are satisfied, with the food prepared and served.

Now, the thing is, what should you order? You can come across a wide assortment of food items mentioned on the menu. Being a vast nation, with a diverse cultural platform, the food habits of the nation vary. Therefore, India is basically a cauldron of multiple dishes that are bound to make your mouth water. Whether it is the sour and tangy South Indian food or the very tasty Eastern cuisine, Indian restaurants offer you everything that you need.

Opt for Snacks

You can opt for a snack as flavoursome as pav bhaji or something as delightful as a sandwich. With bread base, both these items are meant to give you the happiness that you have been looking for. At an Indian restaurant in Bentleigh, you will come across both these options arranged to give you the ultimate satisfaction.

Every Child Can Find Something Tasty

If you are accompanied by a child, you may take a look at the offerings meant for the little ones. Since they love chocolates; you can order a chocolate dosa, which is a wonderful combination of chocolate and the South Indian dish. It is bound to make a deep impact on his or her mind.

Health Is Taken Care of

Most restaurants in Bentleigh are careful about the health of their clients. They make sure that the food prepared is light and has less oil content in them. To make the food more palatable for children and senior citizens, they add less salt to them.

Treat Yourself to Yummy Desserts

The desserts are as good as the starters and the main course. If you are not aware of the variety that Indian desserts offer, just go to a restaurant and ask the waiter to give you the desserts one by one. You will realize that India has a surprising number of delicious sweet dishes for food lovers. Gulab jamun, rasmalai and rabadi are just a few examples of the desserts.

You may also order ice-creams. Kulfi, the indigenous Indian ice-cream is a must-have, if you are in a diner serving Indian fare. Paan or betel leaf is another food you can have at the end of an Indian meal. It is often considered to be a dessert as it has sweet elements inside it.

So, take your lady love or your kid to an Indian restaurant in Bentleigh and see how the food impresses them.

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