The Indian Lassi: A Glassful of Health & Joy

There is hardly any country that does not enjoy a yogurt based drink. In India, lassi is very popular. It is a thick, delicious and creamy concoction that is often spiced lightly with roasted cumin and salt or simply sweetened with a cream or malai topping. North Indians especially, Punjabis took and spread the lassi culture abroad. There are several lassi bars abroad and you could walk into any decent Indian restaurant Melbourne and find a variety of lassi in their menu. You would be getting the traditional lassi plus a number of innovative ones that follow the basic recipe and the ingredients but with a twist to suit different taste buds.

Lassi is famous worldwide as age-old Punjabi refreshment that is enjoyed mostly after a hearty meal. But there is a lot more to lassi than just being a cool summer drink. Lassi has many health benefits.

Health Benefits

Great for Digestion

This yogurt-based drink seems to be the best option after milk, to be used for digestive purposes. It is highly beneficial for calming the digestive tract. Lassi is known for promoting digestive enzymes and aiding in digestion.

Effective in Treating Stomach Disorders

If you are suffering from certain stomach disorders such as constipation, bloating of stomach and others, you could consider having lassi or buttermilk. This refreshing drink is great for easing your tummy-related issues. It is a natural remedy for easing stomach irritations and other disorders and is effective in getting rid of the issues in no time. If you are suffering from diarrhoea, you could consider having a glass of lassi. It would be effective in binding stools and provide the much-required rehydration.

Packed with the Goodness of Probiotics

Lassi is supposed to be a probiotic drink that promotes healthy bacteria and retards the growth of bad bacteria in your gut.

Great for Boosting Muscle Mass

Lassi is really rich in proteins that are necessary for building muscle mass. Lassi is quite a popular drink with aspiring bodybuilders. Build your muscles with a strict fitness regimen and include lassi in your diet. If you do not wish to have protein shakes, you could opt for the natural yogurt-based lassi that is loaded with proteins.

Acts as an Energy Drink

When you are feeling really down and your energy levels are pretty low, you could have a revitalizing glassful of lassi. It would truly rejuvenate you.

Improves Bone & Dental Health

Lassi is rich in calcium so it is best for enhancing both dental and bone health. If you are looking for strengthening your bones, keep drinking this Punjabi delight.

Helps in Losing Weight

If you are following a weight loss regimen, you could easily substitute heavy afternoon meals with lassi. You would not feel hungry for quite a while after consuming a glassful of lassi. You stay fortified with a glass of lassi and successfully keep your weight in control.

The Best Summer Drink

The best way to chill out in summer is by having a glass of truly refreshing lassi. It would help in reducing all your summer-associated issues such as gastro-intestinal issues, prickly heat, and bacterial build-up. You could consider adding some grated ginger to your lassi. Along with the superb cooling properties, you would now be enjoying the true benefits of ginger such as enhanced digestion and improved appetite. You could even enjoy anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits.

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